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        1. 珠海安宇數碼科技有限公司
          Zhuhai Anyu Digital Technology Co., Ltd.

          銷售熱線:+86-756-7221610    企業郵箱登陸入口


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           interactive intelligent panel-55/65

          •  interactive intelligent panel-55/65
          interactive intelligent panel-55/65
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          IIP is a highly integrated product with HD LCD based display and operation platform, integrating technologies of human-computer interaction, panel display, multimedia information management and network transmission. With functions of handwriting, remarking, painting,multimedia recreation, net meeting etc., IIP has become an ideal solution for office business,education and text-image interactive display in information age.

          Product Features

          Intelligent Touch Operation

          Full HD 1080P TFT LCD

          User Experience Based Design

          Remote Video Conference

          Screen Hand Writing

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